Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Driving Upcountry-6 (Rufiji Delta)!

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This is Rufiji Delta where River Rufiji meets the Indian Ocean. You can find ships,boats and dhows of every type.

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There are locally made small and big ships as you can see above

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Timbers from Mangroove Forests confiscated by Forestry Officers

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Forestry Officers Patrol Boat which assists special Forestry Unit to trace illegal logging of mangroove and other forestry products.
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Fishing Boats

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Confiscated Mangroove Logs
To me and my friends this trip was full of surprises! Firstly, we couldnt believe our eyes that Mangrooves could produce large pieces of timber! But one of the people residing in this area (Nyamisati) told us that, what we always see are small mangroove trees and not the big ones. "..some of them are as big as baobab trees".
Secondly, this is the area where salt water(from the ocean) meets fresh water (from river).But which suprised us the most, is the existence of some fish who roam in both fresh and salt water! There was no one to give scientific explanation to quench our thirst of knowledge on this!

But I was keen to learn of safety measures and the existence of safety gears in the boats, dhows and ships but to our utter surprise, very few, i might say 2% of the vessels had safety gears. the question is, what if the accident occurs while in deep sea?

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