Sunday, August 30, 2009

THIS STRANGE WORLD!From Kampala:Thugs Steal Mortuary Door!

Barely a week after the renovation of Kawolo Hospital, yet unknown people found their way in and made away with a door of the hospital mortuary, leaving bodies inside exposed.Kawolo Hospital, which is Mukono District’s major hospital, is currently under renovation in a bid to improve its image, and the mortuary is one of the areas targeted during this exercise. But before the exercise could move any further, unscrupulous persons on August 23 invaded the hospital situated in Lugazi Town and removed the mortuary door which according to the medical Superintendent, Dr. Ivan Kamya, was taken and sold as scrap to one of the steel industries.The search for scrap in Mukono and Lugazi has seen people lose valuable items including sauce pans. The area is also notorious for destruction of road signs which are cut and sold as scrap. During his tour of Mukono District recently, Mr Richard Mivule the regional police commander in charge of central region, heard from residents that some people dealing in scrap, invade their homes and steal anything metallic.
Yes! i thought i could share this strange story with my readers. what do you think of this, please give your comment.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

FROM TANZANIA: 2 Injured in a Motorcycle Accident!

The victims of the accident

This accident occured in Mbezi where two people on the motorcycle were badly injured to the extent that they failed to stand on their own.
Source:Story and photo by Bernard Komba

FROM UGANDA:Eskom Engineer Crushed in Owen Falls Dam Power Turbines!

Owen Falls Dam where isabirye met his death
Jinja Panic-gripped workers at the hydro generation plant in Jinja when one of Eskom’s engineering staff on routine maintenance work was crushed in one of the units, dying instantly.Henry Semei Isabirye, a 41-year-old artisan with Eskom, a private South African firm running the hydro power generation plants at Kiira and Nalubaale dams at the Owen Falls Dam met his sudden death at 9:25am following critical injuries.The late Isabirye’s shattered body with smashed legs and an open stomach with intestines pouring out at the Jinja Hospital mortuary where a pathologist was stitching it together shortly was handed over to the family for burial later Today.When contacted, Eskom was non-committal about this incident, but it briefly indicated it had launched a joint investigation with the police and that a full statement would be issued in shortly.

FROM NAIROBI:“One For Road”Lands Drivers In Trouble.

Matatu drunk drivers under the long arm of the law
Matatu crews tired of colleagues who drink alcohol while at work launch major swoop.
Who can Kenya’s law enforcers depend on to arrest matatu crews who decide an early drink before they start work helps them do a wonderful job?
Not Alcoblow, the gadget one blows into for police to test the level of alcohol in the system. Neither is it the random roadside checks or operations and crackdowns.
As drivers and conductors on the Wangige route found out on Wednesday, their colleagues would be quite willing to have them punished for preparing for work by stopping at their local to literally have ‘one for the road.’
‘Kuruta Loko’
“It is locally known as ‘kuruta loko’ and it is the cause of a lot of trouble on this route,” said Mr David Gachuruba, chairman of the drivers and conductors’ association on the Wangige route.
‘Kuruta loko’ is Kikuyu for ‘unlock yourself’ and matatu crews on the route had figured having a mug of beer or a small bottle of spirits would help them beat the drizzle and improve vision on the foggy road.
It helps that the mug can be bought at Sh20 while the cheap spirit can be sold in half-bottle units for as little as Sh25.
On Tuesday evening, two vehicles were involved in a minor accident at King’eero, a few kilometres from Wangige Shopping Centre.
Villagers and other Good Samaritans rushed to the accident scene and immediately placed twigs on the road to warn other motorists to keep clear as rescue efforts got under way.
A man used his motorcycle to illuminate the scene as others put twigs on the road, a common indicator used to warn of an incident on the road.
Neither the twigs at the scene nor the large crowd could prevent the crash that followed when a matatu ploughed into the crowd, killing the motorcyclist.
The driver in the matatu was drunk and after making a few incoherent remarks, he disappeared, according to Mr Gachuruba.

Yes! i think daladala drivers in Tanzania should should emulate what their colleagues in Kenya did. Truly, we have witnessed a number of accidents due to drivers driving while they are drunk.


MAMLAKA ya Usimamizi wa Usafiri wa Nchi Kavu na Majini (SUMATRA) mkoani Tanga, ulizuia kuondoka kwa meli ya Mv Spice Islander, kutokana na nahodha wake kutokuwa na sifa za kuendesha meli ya abiria.Hali hiyo ilisababisha abiria zaidi ya 200 waliokuwa wakisafiri kati ya Tanga na Zanzibar, kukwama kwa saa nane katika bandari ya Tanga na kusababisha usumbufu mkubwa kwa abiria.Hata hivyo, meli hiyo iliruhusiwa kuondoka baada ya kupatikana nahodha mwingine, ambaye alionekana kuwa na vigezo vinavyohitajika baada ya kukaguliwa vyeti vyake.Wakizungumza na Uhuru, nje ya lango la kuingilia bandarini hapo, baadhi ya abiria walielezea kukerwa kwao na hatua hiyo ambayo wameiita ni usumbufu kwa abiria ambao hawana hatia.Rashid Abdalla, mkazi wa Kinowe kisiwani Pemba, alisema alifika bandarini hapo saa 12.30 asubuhi kwa ajili ya safari hiyo, lakini alizuiwa kuingia ndani ya meli baada ya kuelezwa kuwa hakuna nahodha mwenye uwezo wa kuendesha chombo hicho.
"Huu ni usumbufu ambao hatustahili kuupata kama abiria. Kama nahodha hakuwa na vigezo inakuwaje siku zote anaendesha meli hii bila kuchukuliwa hatua. Huu ni uonevu kwa abiria,”
Kwa upande wake, Ofisa Mfawidhi wa SUMATRA mkoani hapa, Johns Makwale, alisema kuwa meli hiyo ilizuiwa kutokana na nahodha wake kutokuwa na vigezo vinavyostahili.Alisema kuwa SUMATRA iliamua kukagua vyeti vya nahodha huyo Mabruk Msellem, ambapo ilibaini kuwa hana sifa zinazomuwezesha kuendesha chombo chenye abiria.Hata hivyo, Makwale alisema kuwa mamlaka hiyo imekuwa ikifanya ukaguzi kwenye vyombo vya usafiri mara kwa mara ikiwa ni hatua ya kudhibiti matukio ya ajali za majini.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

This is Terrible! Tshs. 700,000 (Approx.USD 514)Insurance Compensation?

This is Evodia Raphael(23) a victim of Road traffic accident. The accident occured at Moshi-Arusha road. She lost her leg and arm in the accident.She's been trying to make ends meet as an entreprenuer selling vitenge from Sumbawanga to other parts of the country.during the accidents she was on the way to Arusha to supply vitenges following an order she was given by a client there.
She is a mother one child.Following the ccident she finds it hard to even feed her child.
Of late she has complained that, National Insurance Cooperation(NIC) decided to pay her 700,000/=(Tsh. Seven Hundred Thousand only! Approx. USD 514) as compesation for the accident! It has come as a surprise to many because we have seen people who lost just a finger and were paid handsomely!Or because she does not have someone who could stand for her?
Someone advised her to use an advocate so that she could be compensated according to the injuries incurred. But she does not have funds or proper information to get one.
I think something is wrong somewhere, but alot of accident victims have expressed dissatisfaction when it comes to compensation after the accident.
Can any of the readers assist please?

Another Accident,8 killed 52 Injured!

Scanlink bus which overturned after the accident

8 people died in a road accident, 52 others have been injured in a road accident, which occurred yesterday morning at Maguha Village, Dumila in Kilosa District Morogoro region. The bus was heading for M, Scanlink, was travelling to Mwanza.
Amongst the dead are 4 women and 3 women and a girl aged 6 months named Kwimba Sengeti whose mother has been admitted at the hospital following injuries from the accident.
Some of the dead are yet to be identified and their bodies are at the Morogoro Mortuary.It has been said that the cause of the accident was a slippery road due to rain.
The driver of the bus is yet to be identified and the police in Morogoro continues with the investigation.Some of those injured expressed their despair that, after the accident they were robbed by villagers living near the area of the accident.
"Some of the villagers pretended to be good samaritans assisting the victims, but they robbed us of mobile phones and bags", they said.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Matokeo ya Kutopata Tiba Muafaka!

Mgonjwa huyu alikutwa Taasisi ya Tiba ya Mifupa(MOI) mkono ukiwa umevimba sana, lakini ilijulikana kwamba baada ya kupata ajali hakwenda hospitali baada ya kujiridhisha kwamba hajaumia kwa kiwango kikubwa hivyo alirudi nyumbani na kuukanda kwa maji mkono ulioumia. Kilichotokea ndio kama unavyoona pichani.Baada ya upasuaji mkono ulirudi katika hali ya kawaida.

Ajali Zaua Watatu Moro!

Watu watatu wamefariki dunia mkoani katika ajali mbili za barabarani zilizotokea mwishoni mwa wiki.
Kamanda wa polisi mkoani Morogoro, Thobias Andengenye, alisema kuwa ajali ya kwanza ilitokea Agosti 20 katika eneo la Kiegea wilayani kilosa barabara ya Morogoro-dodoma mkoani hapa.
Andengenye alisema katika ajali hiyo gari aina ya sprinter lililokuwa likitoka jijini Dar es salaam kuelekea Singida liliwagonga watembea kwa miguu na kusababisha vifo vyao. Aliwataja waliofariki kuwa Mwanaidi Husein(200 na Anath Daglas(2) wote wakazi wa kiegea wilayani kilosa, chanzo cha ajali bado hakijafahamika.
Katika ajali nyingine gari lisilofahamika lilimgonga mtembea kwa miguu Jumanne husein(40) mkazi wa Chamwino manispaa ya morogoro (Mwananchi).

Australia Kusaidia Bajaj za Kubebea Wagonjwa!

Australia imesema itasaidia bajaj kwa ajili ya kubebea wagonjwa. Naibu Waziri Mkuu wa Australia, Dk Kim Hames alisema hayo jijini Dar es salaam alipokuwa akizungumza na Waziri wa Afya na ustawi wa Jamii, Prof. David Mwakyusa.

Idodi Secondary School Fire Accident,Victims Laid to Rest!

Twelve students who died following an inferno on Saturday night at Idodi Secondary School in Iringa were buried in separate graves yesterday at the school grounds. The government sent specialists at the funeral to take samples for DNA to identify the deceased so that their names could be kept on the tombstones. The burial ceremony was led by the Minister for Education and Vocational Training, Professor Jumanne Maghembe and religious leaders who prayed for the deceaseds’ souls. Addressing the mourners, Prof Maghembe said that the government had assigned some doctors from Muhimbili National Hospital to go to Iringa and assist those of Iringa Regional Hospital in treating the 22 students who were injured during the incident(Daily News).

Man,Wife die in Dar Road Accident!

A husaband and his wife are among three people who died in a road accident in Dar es salaam yesterday, police sources said.
Dar es salaam Special Zone police commander, Mr. Suleiman Kova, said the accident occured at around 5.00am near Palm beach Hotel along Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road.
He said the the accident involved a suzuki with registration number T 224 AGX, which was heading for Movenpick Hotel from Salander Bridge area in the city.
The deceased were Robert Mageta(35) a resident of kijitonyama who was the driver and mary Mageta(29), and a woman who was said to be between 25-35. Those injured were mageta George(30) and a woman identified by just one name, Mwananyika.
Source: The Daily News

Sunday, August 23, 2009

HEBU SOMA HII:Dar es salaam:Tandale kwa Mtogole na Jaramba la Sasambua!

Ninaamini kwamba kwa kupashana habari juu ya matukio kama hayo,tunaweza kukomesha hali hii.Hivyo nimeamua kuileta habari hii kama ilivyoonekana katika blogu ya Dada Koero Mkundi. Tafadhali soma habari hii ya kusikitisha.
Niliamka alfajiri na mapema, ilikuwa ni kama saa 10:30, na kujiandaa, pamoja na kuandaa uji wa mgonjwa. Ni wiki sasa mama yangu amelazwa Hospitalini Muhimbili akisumbuliwa na Presha pamoja na kisukari.Hivyo ndivyo alivyoanza rafiki yangu Zulfa, katika email yake aliyonitumia jana, akinisimulia masaibu aliyokutana nayo juzi jijini Dar es salaam.Baada ya kujiandaa majira ya saa 11:00 nilitoka na kuelekea kituoni cha basi pale Magomeni Makanya, nilipofika pale nilikuta abiria kadhaa na nikajiunga nao kusubiri daladala, haikuchukua muda daladala moja aina ya Toyota Coster likafika na abiria wote tuliokuwa pale kituoni tukapanda, nilipata siti ya mbele karibu na dereva nikakaa na abiria wote walipoingia tuliondoka. Daladala letu lilikuwa likienda huku likipakia abiria wengine njiani.Tulipofika maeneo ya Tandale kwa Mtogole basi letu likasimama ili kupakia abiria, na waliingia abiria saba, wanawake watatu waliokuwa wamevaa mahijabu yaliyofunika nyuso zao kama maninja na wanaume wanne waliokuwa wamevaa kanzu.Walipoingia wote kabla basi halijaondoka, mwanamke mmoja miongoni mwa abiria wale alikwenda moja kwa moja kwa dereva na kuchomoa panga kutoka kibindoni na kumuwekea dereva shingoni na kisha kuzima gari na kuchukua funguo, wakati huo huo miongoni mwa wale abiria mwenye kanzu alimuamuru kondakta akae kwenye kiti huku akiwa amemshikia panga vile vile, wale abiria waliokuwa na mahijabu, tuliodhani kuwa ni wanawake, kumbe walikuwa ni wanaume. Walitandika kitambaa cheupe na kutuamuru abiria wote tuliokuwa ndani ya lile daladala kila mmoja aweke kila alicho nacho pale katika kitambaa akianza na simu. Walikuwa wakiimba ule wimbo maarufu huku Pwani unaotumika wakati wa kumtunza bi harusi kabla ya kuolewa uitwao sasambu sasambu, wakitaka kila mtu asasambue alicho nacho na kukiweka katika kile kitambaa.Baada ya kuona kama vile tunachelewa walianza kutupiga kwa ubapa wa upanga na kutisha kuwa atakayekuwa mbishi au kujitia ujanja watamuua kwani hawana cha kupoteza, wanawake wote tulinyang'anywa mikoba yetu na cha kushangaza hata kile kikapu klichokuwa na uji wa mgonjwa walikibeba.Kuna mzee mmoja hakuwa na simu na hiyo ilimgharimu, kwani walimpiga kwa ubapa wa upanga mpaka akajifanya amezirai ndio wakamuacha, wakati zoezi hilo likiendelea vibaka wengine walikuwa nje na kazi yao ilikuwa ni kutishia daladala nyingine zilizotaka kusimama katika eneo lile zisisimame.Ilikuwa kila daladala likitaka kusimama wanapiga mapanga kwenye bodi ya daladala hilo na kutoa lugha ya vitisho hivyo hakuna daladala au gari lolote lililosimama katika eneo hilo kutokana na eneo hilo kuthibitiwa na vibaka hao.Baada ya kuhakikisha wametupora kila kitu walitokomea kusikojulikana wakiwa na funguo za gari, na kutokana na juhudi za dereva wa basi lile na kondakta wake walifanikiwa kuliwasha basi letu na tukaenda moja kwa moja hadi kituo cha polisi pale Tandale.Tulipofika na kutoa ripoti, askari wa zamu waliokuwepo pale kituoni walimshambulia dereva wa basi letu na kondakta wake kuwa ni wazembe kwa kuwa lile eneo linajulikana kuwa ni hatari kwa vibaka ambao hupora hata mchana kweupe inakuwaje yeye asimame kituoni hapo alifajiri yote hiyo? Walidai kuwa madereva wote wa mabasi yanayopita njia hiyo wanalifahamu eneo hilo ambalo wamelipachika jina la mahakama ya simu kutokamna uporaji wa simu uliokithiri katika eneo hilo la Kwa Mtogole.Karibu abiria wote tuliokuwa pale kituoni ambao tumeporwa tulishikwa na mshangao, kumbe eneo linajulikana kuwa lina vibaka, sasa kwa nini hawathibitiwi na kituo cha polisi hakiko mbali na eneo hilo?Tuliandikisha maelezo yetu kisha kila mtu akashika njia yake, mimi ilibidi nirudi nyumbani ili kutengeneza uji mwingine wa mgonjwa kwani uji niliokuwa niupeleke kwa mgonjwa umechukuliwa na vibaka.Basi dada Koero huo ndio mkasa ulionipata mwenzio, na mama yangu sasa hivi ameruhiusiwa na anaendelea vizuri.Huo ndio mkasa uliompata rafiki yangu Zulfa, na ndio akanitumia email hii ili niweke katika kibaraza cha VUKANI ili kuwahabarisha wasomaji wa kibaraza hiki waishio Dar Es Salaam wachukue tahadhari.Hiyo ndiyo hali halisi iliyotamalaki katika eneo hilo na hata Manzese. Nakumbuka hivi karibuni nilipokuwa Dar Es Salaam mama mmoja rafiki wa mama yangu anayeishi Kimara, aliporwa hand bag yake akiwa ndani ya daladala wakati akienda kazini asubuhi, tena huyo kibaka aliingia kwenye daladala hilo kama abiria na alichukuwa hand bag ya mama huyo na kushuka bila wasiwasi kama ya kwake huku abiria wakimuangalia.Pamoja na yule mama kupiga kelele za mwizi lakini hakuna hata abiria mmoja aliyejishughulisha kumkamata kibaka huyo na alitokomea zake bila wasiwasi, wale abiria walimlaumu yule mama eti ni uzembe wake kwani eneo hilo linajulikana kwa vibaka na ndio maana wanawake wanashauriwa kuweka hand bag zao chini ya miguu, na hairuhiusiwi kushika simu mkononi katika eneo hilo na kama ukipigiwa simu si vyema ukapokea kwani ukipokea hiyo simu itachukuliwa na wenyewe wenye simu yao, yaani vibaka.Naambiwa hali ni mbaya sana katika eneo hilo na tukio kama hilo lililompata rafiki yangu Zulfa sio la kwanza kutokea katika eneo hilo na hata Polisi wetu wanafahamu vizuri sana juu ya matukio ya uporaji yalivyokithiri katika maeneo hayo, lakini hakuna hatua zozote zinazochukuliwa. Naamini hatua zisipochukuliwa na jinsi pengo la wenye nacho na wasio nacho linavyozidi kukua basi tutarajie vibaka hawa kupora mchana kweupe kwa staili ya kufunga mtaa.
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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mtoto wa Miaka 13 Amgonga na Kumuua Baba Yake Aliyekuwa Akimfundisha kuendesha Gari!

Baba mmoja wa nchini Marekani ambaye alikuwa akimfundisha mtoto wake wa kiume mwenye umri wa miaka 13 kuendesha gari, amefariki baada ya mtoto wake kumgonga na alilokuwa akimfundishia
Mashahidi wa tukio lililotokea kwenye kitongoji cha Bronx jijini New York, Marekani walisema kwamba baba wa mtoto huyo aliyejulikana kama John Cedeno, 45, alikuwa akimfundisha mtoto wake mwenye umri wa miaka 13 jinsi ya kuendesha gari.Siku ya tukio baba huyo alimpa ruhusa mtoto wake alipaki gari lake na ndipo mtoto huyo alipomgonga na kumuua hapo hapo.Familia ya mzee huyo ilikuwa imetoka kwenye mgahawa mmoja wa vyakula vya kilatino wakati mtoto huyo alipomuomba baba yake alisogeze gari lake aina ya Porsche.Mtoto huyo alikaa kwenye usukani wakati baba yake akisimama pembeni ya mlango wa gari hilo ambao ulikuwa wazi.Mtoto huyo aliirudisha gari hiyo nyuma ghafla na mlango huo wa gari ulimgonga baba yake na kumminya kwenye mti."Baba yake alitokwa na damu nyingi sana mdomoni" alisema shuhuda mmoja.Mtoto wake huku akiwa amepagawa alianza kulia huku akipiga kelele "Nimemuumiza, nimemuumiza" alisema shuhuda mwingine.Baba huyo alitangazwa amefariki hapo hapo kwenye eneo la tukio."Huu ni mkasa wa kusikitisha, bila shaka mtoto huyu ataishi maisha yake yote akikumbuka kuwa amemuua baba yake" alisema mwanamke mmoja aliyekuwepo eneo la tukio.Vyanzo vya habari vilisema kwamba hakuna uwezekano wa mtoto huyo kushtakiwa.

Upcountry Buses Check-up!

Kinondoni Ditrict Traffic Police Chief, Awadhi Haji(Left With Staff) supervises inspection of up-country buses and removing plate numbers off defaulting vehicles including those fitted with lorry chasis.
Source: The Daily News

Friday, August 21, 2009

Fasihi kwa Mtaa/ Street Literature!

From T344 AJP, "Ogopa kukaa bila pesa, usiogope kufa!" Simply means, "You should be worried of bankruptcy rather than death".


This beautiful scenery was caught while driving this morning along University of Dar es salaam Campus!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Madereva wafuate sheria badala ya kuandaa mgomo

MADEREVA wa mabasi yaendayo mikoani wamesema wanaandaa mgomo mkubwa zaidi, kupinga adhabu aliyopewa dereva mwenzao, aliyehukumiwa kutumikia kifungo cha miaka 30 jela, wakidai kuwa hailingani na kosa lake.
Madereva hao ambao katikati ya wiki iliyopita waligoma kwa masaa kadhaa wamedai kuwa wanaandaa mgomo huo kwa sababu wanapuuzwa na viongozi wa serikali; hivyo hiyo ni njia mojawapo ya kuishinikiza serikali kuisikiliza.
Zaidi ya hao wanadai kuwa wamechoka kunyanyaswa na askari wa usalama wa barabarani, ambao huwatoza fedha nyingi ambazo wanadai kuwa ni mradi wa baadhi ya wakubwa wa jeshi la polisi. Hii inaweza kutafsiriwa kwamba, askari wa usalama barabarani wanatumwa na wakubwa wao.
Ni dhahiri kuwa hatua wanayotaka kuchukua madereva hao inaathari kubwa kwa uchumi na usalama wa nchi, kwa sababu itasababisha abiria kutosafiri hivyo kuibua vurugu miongoni mwa jamii ambayo ni hatari kwa amani ya taifa.
Hivyo basi, pamoja na mkuu wa mkoa wa Dar es Salaam kuchukua hatua za kulipatia ufumbuzi suala hilo; ni muhimu juhudi zaidi zifanyike na mamlaka husika serikalini, kwa sababu mgomo huo unaweza kusambaa nchi nzima.
Si hivyo madai yao ya kunyanyaswa na askari wa usalama barabarani yanahitaji kupewa kipaumbele kwa kuwa yana ukweli ndani yake, kwani ni ya muda mrefu; lakini yanaonekana kutopewa uzito, ndiyo maana askari wa usalama barabarani wanaendelea kudai rushwa bila aibu.
Hata hivyo, haipendezi kwa madereva kuchukua hatua ya kugoma kwasababu watawaumiza wananchi wasio na makosa na si vizuri kuwatumia wananchi kufanikisha madai yao. Kuna njia halali na za kisheria zinazoweza kutumika kupinga kifungo cha mwenzao ambacho wanaona hakutendewa haki.
Katika kudai haki ni vizuri kufuata utawala wa sheria, kwani kugoma hakuwezi kubatilisha sheria mpaka shinikizo lipite mahakamani na wanaotakiwa kufanya hivyo ni madereva kwa kukata rufaa kupitia kwa mawakili wao. Hivyo tunashauri wakatafute mawakili wa kuwasaidia kukata rufaa katika mahakama ya juu.
Ikumbukwe kuwa hukumu ya mahakama haitenguliwi na maandamano wala hoja za kisiasa au kwa amri ya mtu yeyote, bila kupitia mkondo wa sheria ambao hutolewa mahakamani.
Kwa maana hiyo, tunawaomba madereva wawe wavumilivu na wafuate utaratibu wa kisheria, ili waweze kupata haki yao kama inavyotokea katika baadhi ya hukumu zilizokatiwa rufaa na kubatilishwa mahakamani baada ya kubainika ilikosewa.
Source: Mwananchi

Kiberenge Chagonga Daladala Dar Watu 23 Wajeruhiwa!

ZAIDI ya watu 20 jana walinusurika kifo katika eneo la kivuko cha reli kilichoko Barabara ya Mandela, Buguruni,baada ya kiberenge kugonga dalada iliyokuwa ikisanya abiria waliokuwa wakisafiri kati ya Mbagala na Ubungo.
Tukio hilo lilitokea saa 2:00 asubuhi jana wakati dereva wa daladala hiyo aina ya DCM akijaribu kuvuka reli huku kiberenge kikipiga honi ya kuomba njia.
Hata hivyo daladala hiyo yenye namba za usajili T523 AGL, haikumudu kuvuka, jambo lililosababisha kugongwa na kiberenge.
Watu kadhaa walijeruhiwa katika tukio hilo ambalo walilielezea kuwa lilitokana na
uzembe wa dereva wa daladala.
Kwa mujibu wa majeruhi, kabla ya ajali abiria walimsihi dereva asubiri ili kupisha kiberenge kipite, lakini hakuwasikiliza.
Mmoja wa majeruhi hao, Rajabu Mkwachu (43) mkazi wa Mbagala, alisema alikuwa ameketi kwenye kiti kilicho karibu na mlango na ghafla alishitukia kiberenge kikilisukuma daladala kwa meta kadhaa kutoka katikati ya kivuko cha treni.
“Tulipwa nje ya barabara, nilipoteza fahamu na baadaye nilikuta nikiwa hapa Amana, nimeumia kichwani lakini nimepoteza fedha zangu Sh400,000 na simu aina ya Nokia yenye dhamani ya Sh280,000,”alisema Mkwachu.
Baadhi ya watu walioshuhudia ajali hiyo, pia walimshutumu dereva wa daladala kuwa ndiye kiini cha ajali hiyo, kufuatia kitendo chake cha kutokuwa makini, alipofika katika eneo la kivuko.
Waandishi wa habari hizi washuhudia baadhi abiria waliojeruhiwa wakitafuta mali zao bila mafanikio.
Daladala hiyo imeharibika vibaya na kuna madai kuwa dereva wake, aliruka wakati kiberenge kilipoanza kuburuza gari.

Katika harakati za kujiokoa akijaribu kukimbia mkazi wa Vingunguti Salum Shabani (30) aliyekuwa akinywa chai katika eneo la karibu na ajali, alivamia sufuria la moto la chai na kumsabaishia majeraha makubwa.
Majeraha hayo yako mapajani na mikononi.
“Nilikuwa nakunywa chai nikasikia sauti za watu wakilia huku wengine wakiwa wameshika vichwa na kukimbia hovyo. Kwa hiyo nami nikaona ni kherini nikimbie, ndipo nikaingia katika sufuria la chai nikaungua. Baadaye nililetwa hapa (Amana) kwa matibabu," alisema
Martha Paulo (42) mkazi wa Mbagala ambaye ameumia kifua, mgongo na kiuno, alishindwa kupata matibabu ya haraka kutokana na kukosekana kwa huduma ya x-ray katika Hospitali ya Amana. Hali hiyo ilisababisha majeruhi huyo, kuhamishiwa Muhimbili.
Wengine walioumia ni pamoja na Maua Mohamed Mzee aliyeumia miguu,Abasi Mzee (26),victor Kweka na Julius Eusebio, ambao hali zao ni mbaya. Mganga Mkuu wa Hospitali ya Amana, Willy Sangu, alikiri kupokea majeruhi 23 wa ajali hiyo.

Majeruhi wa Ajali Akipatiwa Matibabu MOI!

Baada ya kupata ajali na kuvunjika shingo, majeruhi akiwa amefungwa kifaa maalum cha kusaidia 'ku-stabilize' shingo na uti wa mgongo(Halo Ring, Crown or Vest Traction).

Monday, August 17, 2009

Usingizi Mwororo Chini ya Gari!

Picha: Mwananchi

Bus Drivers Strike!

Wananchi wakiwa wamepagawa kutokana na mgomo wa madereva wa mabasi
Askari wa FFU wakiwa wametanda eneo la kituo cha mabasi Ubungo

It is said to be a historic strike, where thousands of passengers were stranded at the Ubungo Bus Terminal for more than five hours last Friday after upcountry bus drivers suspended operations to press the government to release their colleague who was jailed for 30 years recently for causing a road accident that killed 27 people in Korogwe, Tanga Region. About 400 drivers abandoned their buses at around 6 am and gathered at their offices situated within the bus terminal, leaving passengers in total disarray. The enraged drivers felt that the sentence passed against their fellow driver was too much and wondered as to why the long arm of the law left free some other people who committed similar offences.
But after the talks with government officials the strike was called off at 11am where the buses started their trips as usual.Field force Unit(FFU) were seen in the area to control any chaos which might have happened.
Opinion: This is a historic, the operations at Ubungo bus terminal were at a halt, i cant imagine the loses incurred by various individuals following this strike.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Traffic Case Against Chenge Resumes!

TRIAL of a case in which former Attorney General and Cabinet Minister, Mr. Andrew Chenge(61) is charged with careless driving, causing death of two women and driving a vehicle without insurance starts today.
Source: Daily News

Vehicle Inspection!

THE GOVERNMENT has been advised to relocate the vehicle inspection Department to SUMATRA or to the respective ministry so as to control road accidents.
SUMATRA consumersConcil Executive Secretary, Mr. Oscar Kikoyo told the Daily News in Dar es salaam yesterday that the move would help reduce road accidents as the task will be done in a team.
Source: The Daily News

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hali Hii Mpaka Lini!(Samahani Picha Inatisha!)-3

Majeruhi wa ajali ya gari ambaye ameumia sana sehemu ya kichwa, baada ya jitihada za madaktari wa MOI kuokoa maisha yake, amebaki na tatizo moja la kupoteza kumbukumbu. Mashuhuda wanasema kwamba ajali ilitokea baada ya dereva wa gari alilokuwamo majeruhi huyu kujaribu kupita magari mengine bila kuangalia magari mengine!Kuna haja ya kukemea hali hii ya uzembe wa madereva kwa nguvu zote!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Accident-Dar Roads!

Traffic police investigating the car which has been involved in the accident!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Treni Yapinduka Morogoro,Zaidi Ya 40 Wajeruhiwa!

Treni ya abiria iliyotoka Dar es Salaam kwenda Mwanza na Kigoma imepinduka usiku wa kuamkia leo mkoani Morogoro. Treni hiyo iliyoondoka Dar es Salaam saa 11 jana jioni imepinduka katikati ya Mazimbo na Mkata, zaidi ya watu 40 wamejeruhiwa. Ofisa Habari wa kampuni ya Reli Tanzania (TRL), Midladjy Maez amesema,treni hiyo imepinduka saa nane usiku wa kuamkia leo. Kwa mujibu wa Maez, chanzo cha ajali hiyo hakijafahamika. Amesema, kati ya majeruhi hao, saba wamejeruhiwa vibaya, na wamepelekwa katika Hospitali ya Wilaya ya Morogoro. Maez amesema, TRL imekodi mabasi 17 kuwasafirisha wasafiri ambao hawakujeruhiwa katika ajali hiyo. “Ajali hiyo imesababisha treni nyingine iliyokuwa ikitokea Bara kwenda Dar es Salaam kukwama katika eneo hilo lililoko Wilaya ya Kilosa..." amesema. Maez amesema, TRL imepeleka mabasi saba kuwasafirisha abiria waliokuwa wakitoka Kigoma kwenda Dar ili wafikishwe stesheni waendelee na safari. Amesema,kampuni hiyo pia imekodi mabasi 10 kuwasafirisha abiria waliopata ajali wanaokwenda Kigoma(Source:Habari Leo)
''Ni habari ya kusikitisha ikizingatiwa kwamba kumekuwa na mvutano kati ya wafanyakazi na menejimenti ya TRL. Hii inaamsha hisia kwamba inawezekana hii ni hujuma, lakini kwanini kuhatarisha maisha ya wale wasio na hatia?Tuziachie mamlaka husika kufanya uchunguzi na kutoa taarifa rasmi na sahihi za chanzo cha ajali hiyo. Nawapa pole majeruhi wote na waliopoteza maisha Mungu aziweke roho zao mahala pema peponi. Amin".

Accident-Dar Roads!

Dar es Salaam residents look bemused at a vehicle belonging to Ministry of Livestock Development and Fisheries that had plunged into a ditch.
Source: Daily News

9 Believed Dead in Hudson River Crash !

A New York City Police helicopter hovers low over the Hudson River as it drops a police diver into the river on Saturday

NEW YORK - A small plane collided with a sightseeing helicopter carrying Italian tourists over the Hudson River on Saturday, scattering debris in the water and forcing people on the New Jersey waterfront to scamper for cover. Authorities believe all nine people aboard the two aircraft were killed.
Another helicopter pilot on the ground at the heliport for Liberty Tours, which operated the doomed sightseeing craft, saw the plane approaching the helicopter and tried to radio an alert to the pilots, police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said. The warning wasn't heard or didn't happen in time.
The collision, which Mayor Michael Bloomberg said was "not survivable," happened just after noon and was seen by thousands of people enjoying a crystal-clear summer day from the New York and New Jersey sides of the river.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hali Hii Mpaka Lini!(Samahani Picha Inatisha!)-2

Pichani niMmoja wa majeruhi wa ajali iliyotokea wiki hii jijini Dar es salaam, ambapo gari la Magereza liligongana uso kwa uso na gari la FFU, abiria mmoja alifia katika eneo la ajali na majeruhi 9 walikimbizwa Taasisi ya Tiba ya Mifupa(MOI) ambapo mmoja kati ya hao alifariki akiwa chumba cha wagonjwa mahututi.
Picha hii itawasumbua baadhi ya wasomaji, lakini ninajaribu kuonyesha hali halisi ya majeruhi au vilema vinavyoweza kusababishwa na ajali zitokanazo na uzembe aidha wa madereva au hata watembea kwa miguu, ili tuweze kuona, kujifunza na kukemea uzembe huo.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Fire-Gutted Ships in Dar, Zanzibar Had No Insurance!

From Darius Mukiza.
THREE passenger ships of MV Pemba, MV Aziza I and MV Aziza II which caught fire recently in Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar respectively had no insurance cover, the 'Daily News' has established. MV Aziza I and MV Aziza II operated by Zanzibar Mkunazini caught fire in March this year while at Zanzibar port while MV Pemba was gutted at Dar es Salaam port a week ago. Speaking to this paper on telephone yesterday, the Director of Zanzibar Insurance, Hajj Idd, said the ships had been operating without insurance for a long time. “For example one of the Aziza ships had been grounded for more than a year at Zanzibar port without insurance,” he claimed. On a passenger-cum-cargo ship, Mv Pemba, Mr Hajj said the ship, too, had no insurance for more than a year. He explained that owners of such vessels had to bear the cost of repair in case of damages. Commenting on marine vessels operating without insurance, the Secretary of Surface and Marine Transport Regulatory Authority’s Consumer Consultative Council (Sumatra-CCC), Mr Oscar Kikoyo, said it was a criminal offence to own a vessel without insurance. He said in case of accident, passengers were supposed to claim compensation directly from the vessel owners. Mr Kikoyo said the compensation per head is 333 units which when converted into Euro, the maximum amount every victim is supposed to be paid is 544m/-. He said the compensation was according to the Merchant Shipping Act of 2003. Mr Kikoyo said it was unsafe for vessel owners not to insure their vessels because compensation to victims in case of accident was very high. MV Aziza I and MV Aziza II had the capacity to carry up to 1,000 passengers each and were plying the Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar and Pemba routes. Fire gutted the two ships as they were undergoing maintenance at Mtoni in Zanzibar. MV Pemba, operated by Azam Marine, was undergoing maintenance at the Dar es Salaam port.
Source: Daily News
My point: I cannot believe that such big companies had vessels operating for years without insurance cover!Anyway this is bongo, au vipi?

10 Die, 35 Injured!

From ABBY NKUNGU in Singida.
TEN people died on the spot and 35 others were seriously injured, when a bus they were travelling in overturned at Sagara village on the Singida -Arusha road, about 55 kilometres from here. The accident occurred around noon and involved the bus christened 'Jordan', which was travelling from Moshi to Mwanza. Reports say the bus overturned after its driver lost control on a steep slope. The doctor in-charge of the Singida Regional Hospital, Dr Aubrey Mushi has since confirmed the deaths. However, he could not release names of the dead or the injured. An eyewitness said the bus had been speeding before it overturned. “It then rolled three times before it landed upside down,” said the witness, one of the Good Samaritans who rushed out in efforts to help the victims. The accident comes hardly three days since President Jakaya Kikwete called upon the Ministry of Home Affairs to review the Road Safety Act, to allow for sterner measures against reckless driving. About two weeks ago, another road accident claimed 28 lives after a bus from Nairobi to Dar es Salaam collided head on with a lorry in Korogwe, Tanga region. Last week, yet another accident left 12 people dead, when a lorry they were travelling in overturned in Babati.
Source: Daily News

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mahmoud Ahmedinejad Second Term as Iran President!

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (R) kisses Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei after receiving a certificate declaring him as president of the Islamic Republic of Iran from Khamenei in Tehran August 3, 2009. Irans supreme leader formally approved the second term presidency of Ahmadinejad on Monday after a disputed election that leading reformists say was rigged to ensure the incumbents victory.

Airline Pilot Killed In Thai Runway Crash!

A pilot has been killed after his passenger plane skidded off a runway and hit a disused air traffic control tower on the Thai resort island of Ko Samui.

Two Britons were among four on board who broke their legs after the Bangkok Airways flight crashed into the empty structure while landing in rainy weather.
Almost half of the 72 people on board were hurt, though only six passengers and a co-pilot were taken to hospital.
Bangkok Airways confirmed two other Brits suffered minor injuries, alongside foreign nationals from Italy, Spain, Switzerland, France and Germany.
Kanikka Kemawutanond, of the Department of Civil Aviation, said the ATR72 twin-turboprop had 68 passengers, two pilots and two crew members on board.
"The pilot was killed when the plane hit the unmanned control tower," she said.

Skydivers Set Freefall Record!

A team of daring skydivers has set a world record for the biggest ever formation of people in freefall while facing headfirst towards the ground.

Hali Hii Mpaka Lini!(Samahani Picha Inatisha!)

Huyu ni majeruhi wa ajali ya gari kama alivyokutwa Taasisi ya Tiba ya Mifupa(MOI), kwa taarifa za awali, ajali ilisababishwa na dereva aliyekuwa anaendesha gari kwa kasi na gari ilipomshinda alimgonga mtembea kwa miguu huyu. Hapo alipo hatambuliki jina wala nini. Je, uzembe huu utaendelea kusababisha vilema na majeruhi kama haya hadi lini? nafikiri wanachi sasa tuamke. kama mamlaka husika zinasuasua, sisi ndio tunaoumia. Tukiamua kudhibiti hali hii kwa pamoja, inawezekana kujikomboa na vifi hivi visivyo vya lazima.

Ajali! Maoni Kutoka Faustine's Baraza!

BASI la Kampuni ya Akamba ya nchini Kenya, lililokuwa likitoka Nairobi kuja jijini Mwanza, limepinduka na kujeruhi watu 16 wakiwemo wanafunzi 13 wa sekondari za Lugeye na Nyanguge wilayani Magu.Kamanda wa Polisi mkoani Mwanza, Jamal Rwambow alisema ajali hiyo ilitokea juzi saa 6:30 mchana katika barabara ya Mwanza -Musoma katika Kijiji cha Kandawe.Rwambow alisema basi hilo lenye namba za usajili KAU. 186 V aina ya Scania lililokuwa likiendeshwa na Daniel Njuku (50) raia wa Kenya, lilipata ajali hiyo baada ya kupasuka tairi la nyuma, upande wa kushoto na kuacha njia kabla ya kupinduka.
Mtazamo: Kuna maoni yafuatayo toka kwa Mzee wa Changamoto kuhusu bandiko langu la awali kuhusu ajali."Hivi watu wangapi wanatakiwa wafe kabla ya kuchukua hatua?"Pengine tumeshauliza swali hili saaana. Lakini labda tuanze na swali la WATU NI KINA NANI?Tunaripoti kuhusu kufa kwa watu lakini sina hakika kama wana thamani sawa mbele za viongozi wetu. LABDA HAWAONI MTU AKIFA, NI WANANCHI TUU HAWA. Kwa hiyo tusubiri mpaka afe mtu ndio watazinduka.Sijui TUANZISHE MAOMBI ILI MTU AFE TUOKOE WANANCHI NA JAMII? Tangu kuanza kwa mwezi huu wameshateketea wangapi? Ni ni wangapi wamekuwa wakiwategemea watu hao? Ni wangapi wamewekeza katika maisha ya wapendwa hao wakitegemea kupata pumziko miaka ijayo? Ni wangapi ambao wanalala wakihaha kusaka hili na lile kufanikisha maisha ya waliopoteza maisha yao ajalini? Mbona wanalopata ni salamu za Rambirambi tuuuuu?Labda hakuna mtu aliyekufa kwa sababu tunaona WATU wakiugua hupelekewa Helikopta na kusafirishwa nje ya nchi kwa matibabu. Na sijui kama kuna anayepata hata pesa ya ASPRIN japo magari yanaonesha kuwa na bima (well! kwa kuangalia kwenye vioo vya magari, sina hakika kama ni data za kweli)Lakini nadhani gharama za maisha ya sisi wananchi na HAO WATU WANAOPELEKWA NJE WAKIPATA AJALI zinaweza kuepukwa kama kutakuwa na mipango thabiti ya KUKINGA AJALI HIZI kuliko kutuacha tukiteketea".
Taken from: Faustine's Baraza

Furniture From Water Bottles!

Marvelous! water bottle furniture from Ghana by planish! It is cute!

Ajali! Ajali! Ajali!

WANAFUNZI watatu, mwalimu mmoja pamoja na dereva wa Shule ya Kimataifa ya Kadama iliyoko wilayani Chato mkoani Kagera, wamefariki dunia na wengine kadhaa kujeruhiwa vibaya baada ya basi walilokuwa wakisafiria kupinduka.Akithibitisha tukio hilo, Kamanda wa Polisi mkoani Kagera, Bw. Henry Selewi aliliambia Majira kwa njia ya simu kuwa ajali hiyo ilitokea jana saa 6 mchana katika kitongoji cha Butengo Lumasa kilichopo Buselesele wilayani Chato.Aliwataja waliofariki kuwa ni pamoja na dereva wa basi hilo lenye namba za usajili UAJ 391 B Toyota Hiace, Bw.Tanganyika Charles (40) na Mwalimu Mkuu wa Shule hiyo Bi.Silvia Nagazibwa (35) raia wa Uganda.Wanafunzi waliofariki ni Paulo Choga(11), Baraka Furaha(12) na mmoja aliyetambuliwa kwa jina moja la Owen (11).Alisema ajali hiyo pia ilijeruhi wanafunzi kadhaa pamoja na walimu waliokuwa ndani ya basi hilo huku mmoja hali yake ikielezwa kuwa mbaya na amelazwa Hospitali ya Wilaya ya Geita.Alisema kuwa wanafunzi hao walikuwa wakisafiri toka shuleni kwao kupelekwa katika kituo cha mabasi cha Buselesele ili kurejeshwa nyumbani baada ya shule kufungwa kwa mapumziko mafupi.Alisema, taarifa za awali zinadai kuwa chanzo cha ajali hiyo ni kukatika kwa usukani na kusababisha basi hilo kukosa mwelekeo kisha kuanguka katika mtaro kwenye barabara kuu ya Geita-Chato-
WATU watatu wamekufa na wengine 16 wamejeruhiwa baada ya gari la mizigo walilopanda kushindwa kupanda mlima na kutumbukia mtoni.

Ajali hiyo ilitokea jana asubuhi katika kijiji cha Kibingo, Kigoma Vijijini na kulihusisha gari lenye namba za usajili T 922 AKR aina ya Mercedes Benz mali ya mkazi wa Kijiji cha Kalinzi, aliyetajwa kwa jina moja la Fines.Kamanda wa Polisi mkoa wa Kigoma, George Mayunga, alithibitisha kutokea kwa tukio hilo na kuwataja waliofariki dunia ni Daniel Masunzu (85) Mchungaji wa Kanisa la Full gospel mjini Kigoma, Mpagaze Kafikile (32) na mwingine ambaye jina lake halikufahamika.Alisema chanzo cha ajali hiyo ni gari hilo kushindwa kupanda mwinuko wa mto Mngonya na hivyo kurudi nyuma kisha kutumbukia mtoni na kusababisha maafa.
Source: Uhuru
The post taken from: Faustine's Baraza. Mdau nashukuru sana kwa jitihada zako katika kukemea uzembe unaosababisha ajali za magari hapa nchini.Na fikiri itafika siku kilio chetu kitasikika!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fasihi kwa Mtaa. Una Maoni?

"Kama Hutaki Mjeuri"

Motor Traffic Accidents in Tanzania:Possible Solutions!

I read this on Dr. Faustines Baraza, I thinks it is worth reading if we are concerned with the rate of accidents in the country. please read on.
In January 2009, I wrote about possible solutions to the problem of motor traffic accidents in Tanzania. The following were my suggestions:
Introduce a bill with a provision of hefty fine or extended jail term for people committing traffic offenses whether minor of major.
I would revoke all licenses and I would give 6-12 months to all drivers to re-apply. One condition for acquiring a driving license would a pass certificate from a reputable driving school, preferably VETA or National Institute for Transport (NIT).
I would also introduce a bill that will make the motor vehicles owners involved in traffic accidents, pay hefty compensations to accidents victims and to families of those who lost their lives.
Subject to having a proper national ID, Motor vehicle owners and drivers involved in motor traffic accidents would receive a lengthy ban or lifetime ban from operating public transport business and driving on roads respectively.
I would institute measures that will bring discipline in the Police Force. Police commanders will be held responsible for accidents that occur in their turf.However, I have received this comment from a reader of this blog who had a different perspective to what I wrote. Here are his/her thoughts:.............. "what you mentioned is just a small portion of what is needed. Remember, in order to have a SAFE and EFFICIENT roadway, we need the 4-Es, namely ENGINEERING, EDUCATION, ENFORCEMENT, and EMERGENCY. We will not reduce accidents (crashes) significantly unless we implement all the 4-Es. Unfortunately, Tanzania lacks all of them!!"
Taken from: Faustine's Baraza
This blog gives information about accidents-vehicles,motorcycles,bycycles etc,also highlights the suffering of those involved in various accidents. It gives counselling to the accidents victims and information as to where they can get assistance be it legal or humanitarian.
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