Saturday, August 29, 2009

FROM TANZANIA: 2 Injured in a Motorcycle Accident!

The victims of the accident

This accident occured in Mbezi where two people on the motorcycle were badly injured to the extent that they failed to stand on their own.
Source:Story and photo by Bernard Komba


  1. Something is got to be done sooner rather than later! we are losing loads of people as a result of dodgy,idiotic and reckless driving in the country!its up to a point that you are constantly risking you life when driving in this metropolitan city, in fact i was there shortly after this incident!I have noticed that many drivers aren't proper qualified to drive, some may overtake either sides!!??its nightmare!!. My Big thumb up for media to show these pics, i wonder if the so called law enforcers are following this halloween!! Big Up Bro Ben, Keep it up n get more photos!

  2. Thanks for for your concern Beah, it is true something should be done soonest to eradicate this menace. Members of the public should come up with something, it seems the govt has no solution to these accidents taking the lives of Tanzanians every single day.


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