Sunday, August 30, 2009

THIS STRANGE WORLD!From Kampala:Thugs Steal Mortuary Door!

Barely a week after the renovation of Kawolo Hospital, yet unknown people found their way in and made away with a door of the hospital mortuary, leaving bodies inside exposed.Kawolo Hospital, which is Mukono District’s major hospital, is currently under renovation in a bid to improve its image, and the mortuary is one of the areas targeted during this exercise. But before the exercise could move any further, unscrupulous persons on August 23 invaded the hospital situated in Lugazi Town and removed the mortuary door which according to the medical Superintendent, Dr. Ivan Kamya, was taken and sold as scrap to one of the steel industries.The search for scrap in Mukono and Lugazi has seen people lose valuable items including sauce pans. The area is also notorious for destruction of road signs which are cut and sold as scrap. During his tour of Mukono District recently, Mr Richard Mivule the regional police commander in charge of central region, heard from residents that some people dealing in scrap, invade their homes and steal anything metallic.
Yes! i thought i could share this strange story with my readers. what do you think of this, please give your comment.

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