Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Airline Pilot Killed In Thai Runway Crash!

A pilot has been killed after his passenger plane skidded off a runway and hit a disused air traffic control tower on the Thai resort island of Ko Samui.

Two Britons were among four on board who broke their legs after the Bangkok Airways flight crashed into the empty structure while landing in rainy weather.
Almost half of the 72 people on board were hurt, though only six passengers and a co-pilot were taken to hospital.
Bangkok Airways confirmed two other Brits suffered minor injuries, alongside foreign nationals from Italy, Spain, Switzerland, France and Germany.
Kanikka Kemawutanond, of the Department of Civil Aviation, said the ATR72 twin-turboprop had 68 passengers, two pilots and two crew members on board.
"The pilot was killed when the plane hit the unmanned control tower," she said.

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