Thursday, August 27, 2009

This is Terrible! Tshs. 700,000 (Approx.USD 514)Insurance Compensation?

This is Evodia Raphael(23) a victim of Road traffic accident. The accident occured at Moshi-Arusha road. She lost her leg and arm in the accident.She's been trying to make ends meet as an entreprenuer selling vitenge from Sumbawanga to other parts of the country.during the accidents she was on the way to Arusha to supply vitenges following an order she was given by a client there.
She is a mother one child.Following the ccident she finds it hard to even feed her child.
Of late she has complained that, National Insurance Cooperation(NIC) decided to pay her 700,000/=(Tsh. Seven Hundred Thousand only! Approx. USD 514) as compesation for the accident! It has come as a surprise to many because we have seen people who lost just a finger and were paid handsomely!Or because she does not have someone who could stand for her?
Someone advised her to use an advocate so that she could be compensated according to the injuries incurred. But she does not have funds or proper information to get one.
I think something is wrong somewhere, but alot of accident victims have expressed dissatisfaction when it comes to compensation after the accident.
Can any of the readers assist please?

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  1. To be frank, this is a scandal!someone lost very important organs for her life and is paid 700thou? This is terrible jamani! Watu hawana hata huruma?


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