Monday, August 17, 2009

Bus Drivers Strike!

Wananchi wakiwa wamepagawa kutokana na mgomo wa madereva wa mabasi
Askari wa FFU wakiwa wametanda eneo la kituo cha mabasi Ubungo

It is said to be a historic strike, where thousands of passengers were stranded at the Ubungo Bus Terminal for more than five hours last Friday after upcountry bus drivers suspended operations to press the government to release their colleague who was jailed for 30 years recently for causing a road accident that killed 27 people in Korogwe, Tanga Region. About 400 drivers abandoned their buses at around 6 am and gathered at their offices situated within the bus terminal, leaving passengers in total disarray. The enraged drivers felt that the sentence passed against their fellow driver was too much and wondered as to why the long arm of the law left free some other people who committed similar offences.
But after the talks with government officials the strike was called off at 11am where the buses started their trips as usual.Field force Unit(FFU) were seen in the area to control any chaos which might have happened.
Opinion: This is a historic, the operations at Ubungo bus terminal were at a halt, i cant imagine the loses incurred by various individuals following this strike.

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