Thursday, August 27, 2009

Another Accident,8 killed 52 Injured!

Scanlink bus which overturned after the accident

8 people died in a road accident, 52 others have been injured in a road accident, which occurred yesterday morning at Maguha Village, Dumila in Kilosa District Morogoro region. The bus was heading for M, Scanlink, was travelling to Mwanza.
Amongst the dead are 4 women and 3 women and a girl aged 6 months named Kwimba Sengeti whose mother has been admitted at the hospital following injuries from the accident.
Some of the dead are yet to be identified and their bodies are at the Morogoro Mortuary.It has been said that the cause of the accident was a slippery road due to rain.
The driver of the bus is yet to be identified and the police in Morogoro continues with the investigation.Some of those injured expressed their despair that, after the accident they were robbed by villagers living near the area of the accident.
"Some of the villagers pretended to be good samaritans assisting the victims, but they robbed us of mobile phones and bags", they said.

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