Saturday, August 1, 2009

Motor Traffic Accidents in Tanzania:Possible Solutions!

I read this on Dr. Faustines Baraza, I thinks it is worth reading if we are concerned with the rate of accidents in the country. please read on.
In January 2009, I wrote about possible solutions to the problem of motor traffic accidents in Tanzania. The following were my suggestions:
Introduce a bill with a provision of hefty fine or extended jail term for people committing traffic offenses whether minor of major.
I would revoke all licenses and I would give 6-12 months to all drivers to re-apply. One condition for acquiring a driving license would a pass certificate from a reputable driving school, preferably VETA or National Institute for Transport (NIT).
I would also introduce a bill that will make the motor vehicles owners involved in traffic accidents, pay hefty compensations to accidents victims and to families of those who lost their lives.
Subject to having a proper national ID, Motor vehicle owners and drivers involved in motor traffic accidents would receive a lengthy ban or lifetime ban from operating public transport business and driving on roads respectively.
I would institute measures that will bring discipline in the Police Force. Police commanders will be held responsible for accidents that occur in their turf.However, I have received this comment from a reader of this blog who had a different perspective to what I wrote. Here are his/her thoughts:.............. "what you mentioned is just a small portion of what is needed. Remember, in order to have a SAFE and EFFICIENT roadway, we need the 4-Es, namely ENGINEERING, EDUCATION, ENFORCEMENT, and EMERGENCY. We will not reduce accidents (crashes) significantly unless we implement all the 4-Es. Unfortunately, Tanzania lacks all of them!!"
Taken from: Faustine's Baraza

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