Thursday, September 30, 2010

Is September End of The Year?

Hi all, it has been long since I last posted something on my blog. Well, I was bogged down by some issues which took most of my time. Please bear with me.
I was making follow-ups regarding the wave of motor accidents in the country within this month. I happened to talk to some guys who said ''you know, most of the people believe that December is the end of the year whereas there are so many motor accidents. But I can assure you that,September is the end the year as far as accidents are concerned. Go through Traffic Police data or hospitals like Muhimbili Orthopaedic Institute(MOI), you will prove what am saying''.
MOI spokesman Mr. Jumaa Almasi said, ''.... it is true, the number of accidents received in the month of September is so high in almost every year, we are yet to establish why is that''.
Now I go back to my readers, ''so it is not true that the number of accidents in December isn't as high as in September?Did you know that?''.
Ok let me here your comments.

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