Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Driving Upcountry, Marvelous!

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Driving thru Mafinga District today!

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wow! what a beautiful scenery! Driving thru Sao hill forest.
(Copyright: River Springs ConneXions) 
As usual, you can't miss the accidents! here is one, overturned lorry, no one is dead just minor injuries for the driver

(Copyright: River Springs ConneXions) 
Look! no end for this road?
I enjoy driving upcountry, and today me and my colleagues drove to Mufindi, these are some of the beautiful scenes i thought it could be better to share with my readers. Of course, our photos and cameras were ready in case we see any accident. From Dar es salam to Morogoro we saw 3 accidents unfortunately we couldnt get any shots because the driver was on a high gear! But we got this one in Mafinga!Too bad!

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