Monday, March 29, 2010

Accidents at Kibaha: Scientific Reasoning?-1

Well, I am one of those who are touched with the wave of accidents in the country. I believe there are a number of factors which contribute to the rising number of accidents in the country. In a series of articles i would try to explain why Chalinze-Ubungo is accident prone area.

This has been demonstreted by the Dar es salaam City Council when they arected a billboard at Ubungo maji congratulationg all drivers who managed to pass this accident prone area. Unfortunately, the billboard was knocked down by lorries to the extent that what remains are some aluminium posts where the billboard used to stand.

Therefore, this area is known as accident-prone, to me this a big step towards solving this problem. As a daily user of this road, for sure this is accident-prone area. But the areas where most of these accidents happen are kibaha and kibamba.

But my observation noted the following, the road is narrow, what do we expect if the cars are overtaking in narrow. Far from reckless driving, the road width(though am not an expert on road construction) could cause accidents to a great deal.

If we are to make comparison, the number of accidents from Chalinze to morogoro are so minimal due to the fact that, the road construction took into account widening of the areas which are dangerous (as Hon. Magufuli used to say 'sehemu korofi'). The areas are wide and one can drive comfortably with no hassle.

Therefore, Tanroads and its parent Ministry need to look at this and i believe by emulating what was done on chalinze-Morogoro section, the number of accidents could go down significantly.


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