Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Government has No Winch for major Accidents?

Well, Kibamba aacident was an eye opener to many of us that the government does not have a winch to uplift heavy vehicles like the oil tanker involved in the accident occured two days ago leaving 10 people dead.

Many wananchi who were on the scene, could not do anything to help the victims from 5.00am till around 10.30am when the government managed to hire one from a private company called BMK!This has been approved by the Commander Mohamed 
Mpinga,Head of traffic Police.

This takes my memories back about 4 0r 5 years ago when a lorry overturned at the same place and all vehicles including upcountry buses were forced to use the bagamoyo route.

I thought that was a lesson enough to force the government to find a winch to alleviate such disasters! It was a shame, the road could not be used for more that 3 days because there was no winch to remove the lorry? Imagine the troubles people went through especially those residing in Kibaha and nearby villages.

The Disaster Management Team which is under the Prime Ministers office should tell us something on this. Also the Ministry of Infrastructure Development should as well give us satisfying reasons why they have failed us on this? Why private companies like BMK and Bakressa having the heavy loaders while the government does not have any?

Is this ufisadi-infested-thing or poor priritization of issues?Any comments?
(Photo:Father Kidevu)

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