Saturday, October 10, 2009

Driving Upcountry 4: Coast region!

(Copyright: River Springs ConneXions)
From Ubungo to Kibaha, this area is becoming "traffic-jam-prone-areas", but if you ask me, these jams are due to negligence and lack of creativity in problem solving, for example Tanroads was supposed to have a heavey duty 'winch' to remove lorries which breakdown along the road as seen on the photo, so that other users could continue using the road without a hitch. The lorry on the photo, remained in the area for the whole day, this caused jams unnecessarily.
I stand to be corrected, but much as i know, this is a highway how come bumps are everywhere in a highway? If you ask, they tell you bumps are fixed to reduce accidents! Sure? How come there are alot of bumps from Kimara Stop over to Mbezi Mwisho, yet people are knocked down by cars almost everyday.
I think Tanroads Research Unit, if at all they have, should do its homework effectively to come with good solutions rather than just fixing bumps which are now a pain on the neck.

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