Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Traffic Police halt Bumps Erection at Kimara!(Tanroads Should Apologize!).

Traffic police have halted road bumbs construction at Mbezi and Kimara Temboni in Dar es salaam, after the exercise had caused untold inconvinience to road users on Monday.
Dar es salaam Regional Traffic Commander, Vitus Nikata, said yesterday that they have advised Tanroads to stop construction of the bumps, until the police and Tanroads agree on appropriate day and time to carry out the exercise, with minimum disturbance to road users.
Mbezi and kimara Temboni residents had to spend up to five hours on the road on Monday,due to unprecedented traffic jam resulting from construction of the bumps.
Tanroads officials could not be reached yesterday for comment, but erection of the bumps was Tanroads response to demands of residents ofd the area, follwing frequent accidents by speeding cars.
Source: The daily News.
YeS!: Being the victim of what happened on that day, I think Tanroads need to be serious! We arrived at Ubungo Traaffic Lights at around 8pm, I spent more than 4 hours on the road to arrive at Kimara-Temboni at exactly 12.00pm!
I cant imagine why Tanroads did this to us? They know for sure monday is the busiest day, why did they do what they were doingon that material day? they could that on Saturday or Sunday? Or why didnt they do that during the night? For sure Tanroads flopped on this.
They show us that their 'research Unit' (if at all they have) does not perform its task efficiently because they could at least know when and at what time time to do that without havoc to road users.
Tanroads should apologize to us, what they did is not acceptable in any civilized world!

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