Monday, December 20, 2010

A 20 km long Traffic Jam!

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It might sound as a joke but that iz the truth witnessed by most of the residents of Kimara,Mbezi, Kibamba,Kiluvya etc all these are within the outskirts of the city of Dar es salaam.Iimagine a traffic jam from Ubungo traffic lights(ubungo mataa) to mbezi kwa musuguri! this is what is happening on this road these days.''These jams would make us poor'',one of the residents in the area said. He added that this is due to the fact that the jams consumes alot of fuel,productive time and hence they loose alot financially.
To some of us who manages to use shortcuts(panya roads) as seen on the photo,yet face the problems of potholes on those roads. for example in the photo is a baruti-msewe road via university of Dar es salaam,which is in a sorry state at the moment with potholes allover. May be Hon. Minister Magufuli could help us on this by ordering the repaire these feeder roads instea of projecting about the construction of expensive flyovers.
Jamani hizi foleni zinaumiza, foleni ya zaidi ya km 2o! kutoka ubungo mataa hadi mbezi kwa musuguri?wananchi wengi wameeleza masikitiko yao na kwamba inabidi hatua za haraka zichukuliwe kukabiliana na hali hii tete.

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