Thursday, December 23, 2010

Motorcyclists Death Rate 'Alarming".

The number of motorcycle accidents and people killed as a result is increasing at an unprecedented pace, with more than 500 human lives lost between January and September, this year.
Commissioner of operation in the Police Force Mr. Paul Chagonja, said in Dar es salaam yesterday that about 10,000 accidents occured during the period under review which also injured 3,407 people.
Mr. Chagonja told journalists that the accidents were increasing at an alarming rate and that during the same period last year 407 people died and 2,199 others were injured, attributing the mishaps to reckless driving and unqualified motorcyclists.
''We have worked out strategies tha will help us get rid of unqualified motorcyclists and hence save people's lives''.
(Story by Anne Robi, The Daily News, Thursday December 23, 2010)

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