Saturday, January 1, 2011

This is How Others Started This Year!(wenzetu walivyoanza mwaka)

(Copyright: River Springs ConneXions)
It is Scary not for the the faint-hearted!

As we celebrate New Year 2011, some of us have started this year with tragedies. Reckless driving, as usual, left some in hospital beds and others 'gone forever' (RIP).
In the photo above a victim of reckless driving of a tuk tuk(motorcycle) ending up with a badly injured arm. The photo has been taken at the Muhimbili Orthopaedic institute casualty. Please let us drive safely.
Let us wish them a quick recovery.

Jamani, tukiuanza mwaka mpya baadhi ya wenzetu wameishia hospitalini au hata kupoteza maisha kwa ajili ya uendeshaji wa uzembe. Tunawatakia ahueni ya haraka wale wote waliouanza mwaka kwa kupata ajali kama hii pichani.

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