Wednesday, June 3, 2009

2-year Old Boy Dies from Crush-Related Injury!

AUSTIN, MN (KTTC-TV) We have some very sad news to report following this weekend's accident that claimed four lives, it has now claimed a fifth.
The Minnesota State Patrol is reporting that one of the two surviving victims, 2-year-old Carter Newell, has died.
Family spokesperson Zach Morton says, "He was a sweet little boy."
2-year-old Carter Newell joins his mother as among the five people killed in a collision in Olmsted County that happened late Saturday, near Stewartville.
"Kyle asked where's Carter? Kyle is my 2-year-old and we had to tell him he went to heaven to see Jesus," says Morton.
The crash happened when a minivan was broadsided by a truck driven by 25-year-old Christopher Frisch of Winona. State Patrol says Frisch had a blood alcohol level of point-one-nine. He was unhurt in the crash.
For nearly a week, little Carter fought for his life at St. Marys Hospital in Rochester.
"The doctors told us this was going to happen, nothing can change the fact that it's horrible that he's gone, but it's a little bit of a relief to know he's not in pain anymore," says Morton.
Morton says even though it's been the ultimate nightmare scenario they're getting through.
"It was funny because everybody made mention that the nurse had smoothed his hair down and so one after another families came into the room, and she says you know everyone of you has said the same thing--that's not Carter you've got to take his hair spike it up and put it all over the place," says Morton.
A memorial has been set-up at the crash the intersection of highway 30 and highway 63.
Four wooden crosses stand, along with a decorated post to represent where the car crash occurred.
"Completely just being overwhelmed and trying to just get through, feeling like you've cried so many tears there's no more to cry," says Morton.
The horrible incidents of that night have left a family in pieces.


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