Thursday, June 25, 2009

'Tachograph' New Bus Governors effective Sept, Says Govt!

Following inefficiency of Speed governors, long distance travelling passanger buses will be installed with new speed-controlling gadget called 'Tachograph' effective September this year.
Home Affairs Deputy Minister Khamis Kagasheki announced this in the House, when responding to a principal question posed by Ibrahim Sanya (Stone Town, CUF) who had suggested amendment to the law on speed governors in a bid to curb accidents.
"The government has directed that all passanger buses should be installed with 'Tachograph' gadget that would be recording bus speed in the entire jouney" he explained.
Giving details the Deputy Minister said traffic police officers would be inspecting the gadgets to see if the bus complied with allowed speed before taking action.
Punishment on buses found guilty of over speeding would cover both reckless drivers and owners, said the deputy minister. Previously only drivers were punished for breaching the law on speed governors.
Source: The Guardian

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