Thursday, June 4, 2009

36th African Insurance Organization Conference.... Along Way to Go!

The African Insurance Organization(AIO) held its 36th Conference in Dar es salaam, over 700 delegates attended the meeting. Apart from attracting players of insurance business from all over the world, the conference provided a good opportunity for insurance executives to network with each other, thereby assisting African markets in growing their bottomline and shielding themselves from financial losses which could adversely affect their business.

In his welcoming speech, the C0mmissioner of Insurance Tanzania, Mr. Israel Kamuzora said that "Today, Africa as a whole, holds just 1.3% of the total World Insurance Market Share as compared to 41.4% of Europe, 32.8% of north America, 20.6% of Asia, 2.2% of Latin America and 1.7% of Oceania".

The statistics show that, insurance in Africa does not get a significant coverage as in Europe, america and Oceania, that is why accident victims they, either are not aware of the accident insurances procedures or find it hard to get information on the insurances.

For more than 10 years, while dealing with accident victims, i have come to the conclusion that insurance companies are supposed give more and more education to 'wananchi'. Likewise, they could assist accident victims in settling medical bills because this is the area which give alot of problems to the victims.

Prime Minister Mizengo, giving a speech on theAIO Conference at Ubungo Plaza, Dar es salam

Photo and Cartoon: The Guardian

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