Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bajaj Business Employs 15,000 Drivers!

Over 15,000 youth in the country have been self-employed as drivers of three-wheeled tri-cycles, famously known as bajaj.
Country’s representative of the vehicle’s distributor-DPI company, Mr. nihyal Sirva said that such new jobs had boosted incomes for the new youth, and improve welfare of their families.
Mr. Sirva made the remark in Dar es salaam yesterday during a seminar involving Bajaj drivers, traffic police and other stakeholders.
He said the bikes had offered a relief to most youth in the country both economically and socially, as they had increased their incomes, headed independent lives and reduced poverty. Mr. Sirva noted that operational and maintenance costs of Bajaj were minimal as they consume little fuel and their spare parts were not costly.
The representative also said the usage of Bajaj had significantly eased transport problems in the country because the vehicles reach even inaccessible areas. Mr. Sirva said that DPI would continue to improve its services in order to reach more people and make sure that more Tanzanians would use Bajaj in order to ease transport problems.
He added that his company would participate in the next International Trade Fairs to be held at Mwalimu Nyerere Trade Fair grounds in order to educate wananchi on the benefits of using Bajaj.
Recently the Government enacted new law allowing drivers of the three wheelers to carry passengers, a move healed by stakeholders of transport that it will cut down tax fares and therefore reduce costs transport especially in urban areas.

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