Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bajaj Owners told to Fix Seat Belts!

THE Surface and Marine Transport Authority(SUMATRA) has directed agents of Bajaj to fix seat belts on the tricycles as a safety measure.
SUMATRA DirectorbGeneral Israel Sekilasa issued the directive while addressing stakeholders discussing the Transport Licensing(Road Passenger Motorcycles and Tri-cycles) Regulations 2009, at the Karimjee Hall in Dar es salaam on Thursday.
The Parliament last year enacted a law legalising commercial use of Bajaj in a move aimed at easing urban transport. SUMATRA is currently drafting regulations to guide application of the new law.
Mr. Sekilasa said in other countries passengers using Bajaj fasten seat belts and the practice has helped to reduce deaths and severe injury during accidents. ''The same can be applied in the country", he said.
Mr. Sekilasa said between January and March, this year, 591 accidents involving the tri-cycles occured in the country. "Injury in such accidents could have been minimised by fastening seat belts", he said.
Mr. Sekilasa also ordered passengers on Bajaj to use the door on the left, when boarding or alighting from the vehicles.He said the door on the right should be sealled off with iron bars.
A marketing Officer with David Pieris International Limited, a Bajaj sole agent in the country, said they would ensure that all tri-cycles imported into the country have seat bealts.
Traffic Police Commander James Kombe said the issue of seat belts and iron bars on the Bajaj had no discussion. He said from September, the Police Force would impound vehicles that fail to comply with SUMATRA's directives.
He told Bajaj drivers not to carry more than three passengers.

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