Monday, May 11, 2009

DPP Stolen Car Found in Zambia

The Director of Public Prosecution(DPP), Mr. Eliezer Feleshi's motor vehicle with registration number STK 502 that was stolen on march 5, this year with six sets of computers has been found in Zambia.
Dar essalaam Special Zone Police Commander Suleiman Kova, tols reporters in Dar es salaam that the vehicle was seized by the police in Zambia in collaboration with their Dar es salaam counterpart on May 1, this year.
The DPP vehicle was stolen at Tabata area in Ilala district around 9pm.
According to Mr.Kova the vehicle had the six sets of computers which were to be transported to some regionalpolice offices. The vehicle was being driven b6y Ali Ramadhan, who according to Mr. Kova, parked it a a wrong place.
He said that the driver was instructed to park it at the central Police but he left it at Tabata where the appliances were stolen.
He said police in Zambia arrested 4 suspected bandits in connection with the incident bringing to 12 the number of suspects arrested so far.
others were arrested by police in Dar es salaam on April 27, this year.
Mr. Kova declined to mention the names of the suspected robbers on grounds that the police were still conducting the investigations.
He also said the suspects were members of an organized crime network that involved Zambians and Tanzanians.


  1. At least they have found the car, however, to what extent the Tanzanian Police performs efficiently when it comes to car- hijacking? I know stories from other parts of the world where it is not easy to hijack or steel a car. It can't take an hour to seize a stolen car! We have something to learn here Tram!

  2. Oh Yes Mkuu. I posted this pupropsely so as to let wadau get this picture that, this is the car under the top government official which has been stolen! One,What about the one belong to a kapuku from mabibo or manzese? Two, it took months for the car to be recovered,as you said, why not a day or two?Three, why dont they fix expensive cars like these with so called 'Car Track' devises? Or (as usual)nobody cares coz this is tax-payers money? And lastly, have you noticed that government cars have no insurance? Why, I dunno!


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