Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Death Escape!

HOW WE ESCAPED DEATH:" It is through God's Grace and professionalism by the pilot tha we survived the crash...We were lucky that the plane did not explode on impact".
Police Boss Major-Gen. Hussein Ali(facing camera),Rift Valley PC Hassan Noor Hassan and assistant minister Orwa Ojodeh walk away fro the scene of the accident.
A split second decision by the pilot of a police helicopter to crash-land on buildings saved a high-powered team of top government officials.The decision also averted a serious accident that may have killed people in a huge crowd that had just attended a public rally addressed by two cabinet ministers in Kipchoge Keino Stadium in Kapsabet town.
When he realised that the helicopter was loosing power at a critical stage during lift off, Captain Patrick Mugane considered two quick options: To turn to the stadium where a huge crowd had gathered and risk the possibility of crash-landing on people, or crash on buildings. He chose to land on the buildings in a prison farm and saved all 28 people on board and the huge crowd on the ground, which included cabinet Ministers George Saitoti and Chris Obure, among other diginitaries. (Source: www.nation.co.ke)

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