Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dar Mapambazuko! Driving in Dar not for the Hot Tempered!

If you are hot tempered, think twice about driving in Dar because you might end up with a heart attack or do what the TPDF soldiers did the day before yesterday, they attacked the Traffic police Directing cars at the Ubungo traffic lights! Patience is the key word. Imagine, you have been on the jam for about 45 minutes, then the daladala driver on the wrong side of the road forces his way. Agh! You feel like strangling him! Few minutes later, the other car from from service roads forces its way, it nearly knocks your headlights.! Hii nini tena? Behind you is the lorry from upcountry, it seems not to have good brakes, and the driver is trying to stay some few metres from your car, because he is knows for sure the brakes might fail at any time! Yet the traffic jam does not move at all, you think of the meeting with your boss at exactly 7.00am. You become restless! uuwii!!This boss is going to eat me alive if am late! The only solution nawewe unajaribu kupita service road, mara trafiki katokea, you are about to be booked, unafanya 'mazungumzo' he is letting you free! Jamani udereva Dar yataka moyo! Kama huna moyo, ndio unaishia kufanya kama walivyofanya wenzetu wa ''jeiwii'' (TPDF), kumchapa trafiki ati wamecheleweshwa. kha!

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