Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Modernisation of Dar Roads to Begin 2015!

Modernised road network in Dar es salaam will begin to take shape 2015, the City Director, Mr. Bakari Kingobi, told the 'Daily News' Monday.

Mr. Kingobi said the city needed over Tshs 4.2trillion to improve its road infrastructure to accomodate growing traffic demand by 2030.

Mr. Kingobi said in an interview that a recent study had found out that the average vehicle travel speed was 25.6 kms per hour and that it would be decreased to 10 kms per hour in 2030, if nothing was done to improve the infrastructure.

According to him, Japanese International Cooperation Agency(JICA) has suggested that the implementation of the plan be executed in two phases, first in 2015 and another in 2030.

In the the first phase he said, 149kms of roa needed to be expanded, construction of the five fly-overs and a traffic managementsystem in central business district. JICA estimated the cost in the phase at Tshs.693billion.

"A total of 1,091kms of roads (including phase one) the proposed express way, tested and confirmed to be important and confirmed to accomodate the traffic demand within the city by 2030. The estimate total cost(phase I and II) projects is Tshs 4.2Trillion, he said".

The strategies proposed in short-term, medium and long-term include the construction of a road parellel to Ali Hassan Mwinyi by land reclamation at Salander Bridge area,establishment of the city Urban Transport Authority, Ubungo, Tazara and Bandari junction flyovers followed by Mwenge and Magomeni.

Others include establishment of the Dar es salaam Transport Authority, the Dar es salaam Urban Development Agency and the involvement of private sectors among others.

following the government's request, Japan through JICA in February 2007 selected a consortium of consultants, consisting of Pacific Consultants International and Construction Project Consultants Inc, both of Tokyo to make a study.

The study team initiated technical efforts since April, 2007 and completed the study in June, last year and final report handed over officially to Dar es salaam City Council on behalf of the government in November, last year (Source: Daily News).

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