Sunday, May 24, 2009

Traffic Jams and the Hectic Life of East African Cities!

''...workers in Nairobi's or Kampala CBD can spend up to 4 hours of every working day communiting to and from work, often leaving their homes as early as 5.30am in the morning and returning after 8pm or 9pm at night. This suggests that in addition to 8 sleeping hours and a further 5 to 6 hours with family, eating meals and carrying out domestic tasks; the 8 hours designated for the workplace have to be shared with other important relaxation and social tasks such as interaction with friends and relatives.
And it is not just lower-income cadres of workers that are wasting valuable productive hours in chaotic private-sector managed public transport systems. Business travellers routinely opt for evening flights(and overnight stays) between the region's capital cities so as to avoid the two to three-hour morning drives to and from each of the international airports..........''
yES! It seems East Africans share the same problems when it comes to boring traffic jams! any suggestions? comments?

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