Tuesday, March 31, 2009

News Update: Train Accident in Dodoma:
The BBC reports that the train accident that occurred in two days ago in Dodoma could have been deliberately caused so that petrol could be stolen from the fuel tanks.
The BBC reports that seven people have been arrested, including the driver of the cargo train and the station master.
If this is true, then a life of a Tanzanian is completely worthless. It is unimaginable that people would derail a train killing so many people, causing so much damage for just a few gallons of fuel.
But in Bongoland anything is possible.The spate of Albino killing for witchcraft purpose is a recent reminder of how low in morals Tanzanians have become.We have become so obsessed with money and wealth that we are prepared to sacrifice morals and even kill to achieve our goals (From Dr.Faustine's Baraza).
Yes!: I do agree,this is disgusting. it seems the only vocabulary dominating the brains these days is "Money" that is why people kill for money. Think of Albino killings and now this?

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