Saturday, March 28, 2009

The use "Bajaj" as passenger vehicles, is still a big NO for me
In recent weeks, I have written extensively against about the use of motorised tricycles, Bajaj, to ferry passengers.I am of the opinion that these tricycles are not made for passenger use. Secondly, they are being driven by unlicensed drivers with very little experience in ferrying passengers. Thirdly, these tricycles do not observe the rules of the road, they capitalise and use any openings that they can find on the road and lastly, they are contributing to the increasing traffic jam in our roads.I am pretty certain that if this practice continues unabated, we will have more Bajaj deaths.We do not need Bajaj in our roads, instead we need to focus in developing better transport system for our city. I hope we can learn from this experience.My heart goes out to the victims of the yesterday accident that involved the Bariadi Member of Parliament, Andrew Chenge(from Dr. Faustine Baraza).

Yes!: I do agree with Dr. Faustine, at Muhimbili Orthopaedic Institute(MOI) every day people are admitted after being involved in either bajaj or motorcycle accidents. True, if we want to save lives, something should be done. Faster!

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